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Welcome to the "A Christian Reponse" web site!

The purpose of this site is simple: To explore issues and some of the different Christian responses to them, particularly in regards to Martial Arts. I've shared some of my search for answers in the hope it may be of some benefit to your own search.

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Articles of Interest
Martial Arts and Christian Beliefs are They Incompatible? by Bob Orlando 
"As a Christian martial artist, I am often asked two questions regarding my martial arts study and my faith. ... The first question reveals the general misunderstanding of Christ's teachings so common among nonbelievers. The second reveals a similar lack of understanding on the Christian's part." [more]
Reconciling Martial Arts with Christianity by Soo Young Kim
"Martial arts are distinct from religion and will not lead to engagement in dubious religious practices. Citing their ties to Eastern religions is not a suitable reason to abstain from training or to view it with skepticism. If the purpose of self-enhancement is adhered to, martial arts will be beneficial for all those who participate, including Christians." [more]
Karate - Tool for Christian Evangelism or Zen Buddhism?
"How then can any Christian justify his involvement in karate or any of the other martial arts? He can't. Not even by claiming that such involvement is for self-defense, exercise, to learn discipline, etc. (let alone justifying it for evangelism purposes!). There are other methods by which these results may be obtained-methods not associated with harmful violence and false doctrine". [more]
Yoga - Relaxation or Occult?
"There is a common misconception in the West that hatha-yoga, one of about ten forms of Yoga that supposedly leads to self-realization, is merely a neutral form of exercise, a soothing and effective alternative for those who abhor jogging and calisthenics ... [However], Hatha-yoga is 'one of the six recognized systems of orthodox Hinduism' and is at its roots religious and mystical. It is also one of the most difficult and potentially dangerous [spiritually] forms of Yoga. [more]
Christianity and Martial Arts - A Taoist's View
I think it's a good thing that christians are examining their belief systems regarding the martial arts. I'm all for intellectual honesty, and there is too much talk about all religions being "equal" or equivalent. You hear people on rec.martial-arts and elsewhere say that "martial arts teach you to be strong...the lord has no problem with that". Well first of all the martial arts are spiritual paths for buddhists and taoists (depending on style). It doesn't make much sense to train in these arts for 20 years unless there is some spiritual goal in mind. [more]

Martial Arts - Are They Harmless?
by Mike R. Taylor
"...the gateway to most occult philosophies and practices is itself practice... Although the novice is presented with what appear to be mere "techniques" or "operational procedures", the techniques are all parts of a whole. The parts are actually bridges designed to lead the individual to embrace a total system. Since the route to occult philosophy is through occult practice, there is no safety in ignorance of the philosophical background. It is not necessary for the underlying philosophy to be stated explicitly in order for the individual to come under its influence." [more]

What is "meditation" all about?
by Dennis Hinks
"The concept of "meditating," as used in the Bible, has little or no similarity with the concept of "meditating" that is common in certain man-made religions. In fact, with many of these, the idea of "meditating" would be more the opposite of what the Bible teaches" [more]
Enter the Dragon
"In view of this pervasive cultural penetration, it is not surprising that many Christians are being influenced in varying degrees by the martial arts. What is surprising, however, is the reported percentage of martial artists claiming to be Christians." [more]
Articles on this site express varying points of view, to encourage mature thinking on serious issues.
For more details please read the site disclaimer and a summary of my views.

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