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Why free praise and worship Music?

My journey as a songwriter and my involvement in ministry over 25 years has been an interesting one. I'm actually not happy about the proliferation of free music on the Internet. I believe songwriters and Christians involved in any ministry should be fairly compensated.

Early attempts to sell my music for a modest pricer were unsuccessful, but my "sales" skyrocketed when I made it free. It seems the freebie mentality has invaded the Christian church. So I made the decision to make my music freely available to worship leaders. I'd rather have my material used than sitting on the shelf. Many of my fellow songwriters feel the same way.

Anyway, feel free to use this music any way you wish for non-commercial reasons. If you wish to re-record any songs here, please contact me here

What about CCLI

We are grateful to the ministry of CCLI, and all our worship songs are registered with them. Just remember to record our catalogue number on your CCLI return, and then we'll get paid.

Catalogue No: GC71375
Catalog Name: Inside Out Music Production
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Song of the Month

This month's winner is Eyes of Grace by Monique Lisbon

Here at Last!

The comprehensive resource for church music ministry. Get it here.

Latest additions

Waiting for that day
We cry 'How long O Lord'. Need encouragement? Try this song. Haunted
A secular song dedicated to the memory of my missing friend Jenny Smith.
He's building a Kingdom
A fun kids song. Are you building on a strong foundation? Downloads and sheet music now available.

Most Popular Songs

  1. Amazing
  2. You are Lord
  3. From footprints

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