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Does God love homosexuals?

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If you are reading this and you have been hurt by how Christians have treated you in the past, then I would like to make an apology on their behalf. No Christian should treat another person as worthless or as too sinful to be loved. Christians are sinners who have been loved and accepted by God, so we ought to share that same love with those around us. If this has not been your experience, I want to say sorry, and I encourage you to give God another chance.

God loves homosexuals. He loves them just as he loves every other human on the planet. However, at the same time God is offended by what they do.

God designed humans for a lifelong hetrosexual relationship between one man and one woman. That is the way he created humans - he created sex, and he knows how it is meant to work! However, since the Fall humans have perverted every part of God's creation, including the area of sex. Rape, pedophelia, sex before marriage, homosexuality, prostitution, adultery, divorce - these are all distortions of the way God intended sex to work, and God is equally offended by all of them. Practising homosexuals are living in direct opposition to God, and can only expect him to be angry. However, they are no more offensive to God than the hordes of hetrosexuals who frequent brothels and strip clubs, or sleep with their girlfriends. The truth is that God is offended by every kind of sin in the world, and that means that he is offended by every human in the world!

But wait a second - didn't you start by saying that God loves homosexuals? Yes, and that wasn't just an empty platitude. God still loves humans even though we offend him every day by the way we live. And because he loves us, he sent his Son Jesus to pay the price for our sin, so that we can enjoy a restored relationship with him. The good news for homosexuals is that God loves you just as much as everyone else. If you choose to trust Jesus, then Jesus takes the punishment for your sin, and God will accept you as one of his own treasured sons or daughters.

You can take the first step today, and accept Jesus as your Saviour! God extends his forgiveness to everyone who will accept it, whether they are homosexuals, pedophiles, murderers, liars, adulterers, drug-dealers, or prostitutes! The invitation is for everyone, because God still loves every human despite their sin.

Advice for homosexuals who want to follow Jesus:

Firstly, while God's forgiveness is completely free, following Jesus does mean turning away from your sinful habits. You can't just ignore sin, which means you'll need to deal with your same-sex urges. If you are serious about overcoming sexual sin in your life then you should make yourself accountable to a trusted friend.

Secondly, the fact that you have an attraction to the same sex does not immediately cause you to sin. It is what you do with that attraction which makes you sin. Practicing homosexuality, or imagining it in your mind, is what causes you to sin. So don't make the mistake of thinking that every time you are attracted to someone you are sinning. It is what you do with that attraction which causes you to sin.

Thirdly, God has the power to help you transform your homosexual desires and find the God-given hetrosexuality which he designed for humans to enjoy! God knew what he was doing when he designed men for women and women for men. If you are willing to trust God and persevere with this, then he will make it happen. He's done it before. Ask your pastor for advice, or check out a Christian bookstore. There are many helpful books on the topic written by Christians who have gone through the same struggle.

Homosexuality and the Bible >>

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