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CROSSROADS Christian Fellowship with Disabled Persons in NSW Inc.

Bobby Approved This home page provides details of Crossroads NSW, Australia, a Christ centred Organisation for people with disabilities and their carers which affirms them, advocates for them and promotes their integration into, and acceptance by, the community and Christian churches.

Bridges to Understanding

Sydney Conference - 22-25 November. http://www.btu.com.au/

Main Contents

    SANDY - A Butterfly Emerging
  • Sandy Cornish was born with cerebral palsy, in the NSW country town of Orange just over fifty years ago. Her achievements in her lifetime have been greater than those of most able-bodied people.
    This book is now available from Crossroads.
    See full review and order form
  • Download the book
    God embraces disabled people in His will and plan.
    But where are they in our churches?
    Nancy Rayan has written this book to challenge God's people to get their vision right.

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